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We are London based Painters and Decorators. 

We are specialised in Italian Interior Decoration such a Polished Plaster, Concrete Plaster, Metallic Paint, and also a comprehensive interior and exterior painting and decorating service
High quality interior decorating with a team of professional decorators available to delivery work on time and on budget.

Interior Painting

Painting is an essential, style defining element to a house. It must harmonise with the architecture of the premises and with the design of the furniture, either a traditional or modern style giving then personality to rooms and buildings. In this section (and in "Interior Decoration") we offer an overview of the types of decorative painting, recommended products and application techniques.

As well as meet the aesthetic preferences, a good painting should also be an effective protection of the surfaces, it must stand the test of time and possess washable, waterproof, breathable and non-toxicity properties; making you feel completely comfortable in your home.


To know more about Full range of Italian Decoration Products that we use, or

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such Polished Plaster, Concrete Plaster, Metallic paint, a decorative water-based painting, which allows to get the effect of an old wall, or  a transparent resin that holds in the light it receives and then emits it in the presence of total darkness,...


Interior Decoration

Our philosophy is to supply our clients with authentic Italian products and materials of the highest quality.

We use luxury materials such as Polished plaster, Concrete plaster, Metallic Paint,... infusing the traditional form with the very latest ideas and trends.

Polished Plaster is an exceptionally ecological, glossy, natural, high quality mineral stucco, seasoned for a lengthy period. Marble powders and additives make the product which contains no solvents. It breathes extremely, is alkaline resistant and is an excellent natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product; its constant carbonation process makes it highly resistant to humidity. It is applied in three steps.

Concrete Plaster creates smooth or relief surfaces.
You can obtain finishing such as Split Stone, Polished Stone, Worn Stone, Engraved Stone, Natural Cement, Zen Stone and Bamboo.contains Lime, Marble powders of various sizes and Natural Minerals.
Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and is natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product. Perfectly stable and durable, it maintains the breathability of the surface unaltered, by virtue of the high permeability to water vapor. It is applied in one coat.

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